Immigrant - Wounded Healer

by Immigrant

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Round The Houses Been around them once I'm down for twice And I am not averse to thrice Oh no And there's no one home No one I'm a curious child On the path I walk Found a thousand ways to flog That dead horse And I'll find some more With godspeed Or they'll find me, sure It's all good
WOUNDED HEALER Bared, to believe a lie And celebrate in song A new delusion Gone and how it came to be (A new illusion) Sweet sorrow only known to me (Been occasionally known to) Wrong as a wretched child (Drop the ugly on you) Spoiled and gone hog wild (And hammer ugly down) A crude and ugly beast (Time I was showing you) Lost all I'd longed to find (Where we're going to) Sought desolation's cry (Hell to holding the peace) Drowning in poisoned tears (I poke and prod at the beast) Bedevilled by cursed fears (Until he shoots out fire) Truth so hard to find Then along came light And a breath of hope Where the tears that burned They would soothe so me Be it my last return I'm praying that I may learn There's no walking from another train wreck, I know The crime is mine alone True is the story told Savaged the peace, my love For it wouldn't be enough Falling as I only know Gotta lose, my love Gotta throw the fight Better running on you Better roll and ride And who'd bail on you? Gotta lose my love Gotta throw the fight Better running on you Better roll and ride Been so alive in knowing you I'm burning inside I'm drowning in blue Oh I would try If only I could To go back in time And honour the truth Been so alive In knowing you I'm burning inside And drowning in blue Oh I would try if only I could To go back in time And honour the truth
Two Years 03:55
Two Years Most the day Playing games of continue In roles mighty brave Walked the path Known as least resistance Got lost on the way Alone among people And nights they are evil It's two years today Marked in stone There's a truth never moving On walls bearing close Through the fall How we called for release Yet the pleas failed us all Try to yield Try to negotiate Try to deal If someone could hold the weight A toll for a lifetime A harbour we must find It's two years today
FORBIDDEN ROADS The ends of the road Are all I'll know That I'm no more to journey down Death of a scene Of where I'd been A tale that I've been told is over Bury a ghost You know I'll try And from myself you know I'll hide Well, good old me Being the dreamer I'll ever be It's clouding my eyes and there's only a fog in my line of sight I know that I'm so far removed That I've nothing more left to lose But dreamers are sworn to try Near is the time when I'm all out of road Abandoning streets till there's nowhere to go A flaw in the plan left me so remote That I can't make the journey home In our angry town I'm all out of street And I don't know which way to turn The way to turn Mine to lose I'm free to choose I chose that all must fall away There'll be no return Those streets they are burned Lost in the fire they fell around me They fell around me
All my Weeks 02:03
All My Weeks All my weeks Are sold by the year, and they're Scored out for thee Open roads, I'd make them mine I would own them Pilgrim to the new Cheek by cheek We danced by the fading light And held on through darkness Our hands they won't release We are halted And we are silent now Through another morning rise I can see it in your eyes How they don't know where to go They won't rest, they won't show Pray meet with mine once more I'll be waiting, I'll be holding on
Hadamadi 01:42
Hadamadi Caught in the crosshairs Hands high and so scared Blood rush, I walked in blind Harbour I won't find Stone cold dead And I'll be falling Falling There'll be no last word As I am falling Falling For suddenly It's turning black And there's no going back Though I was bold I took my pride And the journey I'd know Was a long way to go to feel alive
Oceans 06:31
Oceans Tides recede They ebb and they flow Flow, yet pull Like ropes around me While we chose to distance our fallen selves We found it's real We're now and forever more Don't go Don't leave For you are the only one for me Time shows That everything and nothing changed Walked years Then turned around to find There she was Stood and blazing those eyes A brutal force Paralysing on sight Under the guise of a cool I've reprised just for you There lie oceans Deep and wide A scared old heart Has hardened by experience It's worn-in scars A casualty of innocence Bears loss It won't be made to lose twice It's to peace that I'll be sworn to hold tight For dear life Now that I'm steeled Ready for wounding In retreat A beat of my choosing I won't hear The call of our oceans
Bedends 02:10
Bedends Blessed night You are so damn right There is perfect peace In among our sheets Up by the pillow there's a light Did not we not ache for this time What price will I pay For all we shared Just bill me now, don't wait Take me down to the foot of my bed Where I spin my dreams And the joys are free
Christos Moon Confetti on the christmas tree Snow has fallen And bedded down deep Crystal light unto the night Golden hearths glow hinter and keep Souls well afire And rose in the cheek 'Fore they lay down to sleep Cold midwinter Frost on the moon Tidings of the season to All and everyone, sorrowed and blue In the midst through leaping hearts Biding memories awaken for you Songs of the night Hymns of the morn Playing the whole season through Christmas falling Too near and too soon The lights of love Do glow eternally Hold them close Knights of our peace And in the long, dark shadows of winter Light be found, comfort lie near And strength rise with the dawn Grow fearless That to go on will no trial be Pale light peeks through the trees Silhouettes drawn on wakening fields In the dew and early song Tender callings are sounding for you Peace bless the heart And harmony dwell Cloaked in love born anew Life in glory And beauteous truth
Into The Ledger Rebel heart, Remember when you knew me Channelled through me Overruled me Where did the maverick go How I've missed you so There remains a measured man Who will do As he should In the storm I lost my greatest ally The one who can't lie Or idly stand by Now you've returned me to The non-believer who Runs checks and balances On nothing and no one


Immigrant - Wounded Healer
released 2017 on 12" vinyl + CD
Oscarson No. 13


released October 28, 2017

all songs written and performed by immigrant
artwork/layout by immigrant and matthias rehling

© immigrant 2017


all rights reserved



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