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Jung Body - Real Eternal Bliss

by Jung Body

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GUTG 02:50
GUTG: Giving up the ghost takes time for family but as her brother i get bothered when she's nauseous easy, every time she vomits i get sad a while Because its the only thing that seems to make her smile, oh she has grown so thin her bones can't hold her muscles. I know my pangs of lust weigh in on her downfalls. Silence reminds there were no better days, just the ones where i covered up my eyes with jade, i just hope the hole inside her closes soon. I know when she goes there won't be no closure but as her brother ill be bothered by the times i helped her smoke more cigarettes or go alone to new york but the road is always clearer at the end of the fork. I guess nothing will cure this pain I feel inside me even the abstract hope i submit to blindly. Her absence reminds there were no better days, just the ones where we traded in the sun for shade. I just hope she gives into the hunger soon. Now that you're gone life's just not so lively, i just stare at the sun in the hopes it will blind me, i figure that without my senses i can strengthen all my mental defenses. Now that i've felt the hole she build inside her i have this reason to regret fully, and though firgiveness can only bring the better days, even if it means trading in the hate for shame i just hope her death means somebody else is moved
TWTCSWSLI: Johnny died on mescaline when he was 23 he was a skokie football hero who walked off the roof to feel free. He died of shame feeling sobered by the concrete floor. His last thought was that he was vain that he couldnt go on the same that he was dead long before he hit the grond. Carla was his lover but they were not in love, she felt this strange sense of closure when his bones went through his lungs. She wore a new black eye to his funeral. She'd gone out drunk the night before, stole his jersey off his front porch, crying she screamed fuck you and tripped over her feet. Carla started driving after packing up her car even after burying the bad memories the bad taste lingered like scar, in her rearview was an echo or regret. She saw the stench rise from her mouth, she liked it fading in and out. It reminded her some states you just dont leave
NLB 04:04
NLB: Before art comes confidence when it comes to dying with respect, your limbs must harden so that your insides will calcify. And if you're left with any soft spot like a reconciling farewell you forgot to give your feted foes before you drifted off, you will feel alone, you will feel like ther can be no peace for you nothing will feel like home. It will be as though all your lucky stars acquiesced into dark blue. But i've heard with death comes peace of mind for human eyes it just takes time to see the lining of every cloud is silver but still i get this funny feeling that only in my head has his heart stopped beating like the last shreads of my love for him are leaving. And it feels like the world is closing in it feels like i could fixate on this failure forever. It feels like im losing it cause i keep having the same nightmares over and over. Father of mine I'm exhausted of infinite war, know i should make peace but i just don't know what for. I think my lovers of late can almost see in my pores, its this strange color of hate that they havent seen before. Everytime i try something different it just stays the same. So ill just disengage and let nightmares guide my way forward in sleep in speech and in meaning
RF 03:20
RF: The blood in your veins has the same fire as mine. So come on lets drink away the burns and forget about limited wine. The devil will just wait til we run dry. Heaven with you can exist til we run dry. But when we turn sober hell will come because we fell for the wrong minds. We can still slow dance in my bedroom but what we had left nothing behind. I'll scream at the stars that I wish we had more time. When you leave forever I won't shed a tear I'll just die. You're my fire. Dead in the water we're just like two fish that can't swim. Our personal sharks will eat us alive cause the rigor is setting in. We've lost all our water but we still cry. The crystals of salt sparkle so pretty in your eyes. Before we're gone forever I hope awareness evades my mind. Before I become my father I hope i still have some time. I'll scream at the heavens this is not who I want to be. I won't forget the difference I loved you and you loved me.
SP 02:33
SP: Peter when you left me standing there i thought youd realize what i had left, im now just a modicum of meaningless proper names and human flesh, so next time i make commitments i'll commit to someone better, until then i'll commit to forget you ever told me you loved me to forget the times when i really truly cared. Peter when you said this has gone to far know what i thought was really extreme is how the serpent's eyes convey a sunday pride while a sinful smile admits he's unclean, so if i dont want to come vist or watch porn with you and your father, hope you'll respect me and that i may not want to be around it, hope you'll respect if i'd rather stay the fuck away, hope you'll respect that change sometimes changes forever that some people cant turn it on and off in one day. Peter when you said our friends were done with me i wondered if you told them of what we shared. How an omitted lie avoids social suicide or how my exile must make you lass scared. So when you're over your independence and you're over your forgetting, just know I'll always be there.
TOAITSDWMMICM: Turn yourself into a tree, burrow root in fallow stream, if you start growing towards a stone affection know to drop your leaves. If you start falling as you fly, turn your head to eye of eyes, if it tells you there is no direction, know to fall is not to die.
JSWSGTTM: Jordan said we go to the movies, we can saturate our eyes til they're no longer round but he left me he left with lexi it made me sad but i didn't say a word cause we were both strung out. Jordan said we we should smoke another cigarette we can breathe and breathe and breathe until we just can but he left me in the middle of our cigarette and now for a day when he'd stay what i wouldn't run up against Jordan said we should burn down the house we both grew up in, He said we can be warm forever with matches and hard wood. But he left me in the middle of our arson, the warmth left me like i never thought it would. When he left me there on my lonesome i learned you only miss a good a good thing when its the only thing thats good
ASLDTLJLM: I’m not dead I’m gray, an insects shell from yesterday decays in the kitchen sink. there is no meat there is like nothing left the doubt of an empty space starts to fill that reliable place, i feel the pit the black is half of me now echoing my form the shell lays down that looks just like me i hold its wrist and it feels just like me i feel its breath and it feels like I am whole again i can sleep like this forever the shell holds back the dark that scrapes me i feel its pain the empty aching i feel its warmth i feel I’m taking all its light into a perfect slept forever. its not gone it stayed, the human pain’s just inched away it decays in the back of my skull there is no peace, just the rot it left the death in the empty face starts to fill that reliable place, i feel the brick the slate is all of me now a facade reflects my form a shell lays down that looks just like me, it feels so cold it feels just like me, i hold its breath it feels like i am drowned again into vacant slept forever. a shell lays down that looks just like me...


Jung Body - Real Eternal Bliss
released 2017 on 10" vinyl
Oscarson No. 14


released December 16, 2017

Real eternal bliss was recorded at The Sparkle, Grant’s House, (922fun), and The Aura

All songs were written by Jung
All songs except for RF were mixed by David Allred
All songs were mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Studios
Drums and backup vocals by Alex Radakovich
Additional instrumentation by David Allred except on RF and ASLDTLJLM
Guitar and vocals by Jung

Special thanks to Oscarson, David, Alex, and Peter for making this album possible, Mom for supporting me, Bridge for loving me, and to everyone else who helps me ascend.

If you would like to contact me please send mail to 5857 S. Walden Street, Centennial, CO 80015"


all rights reserved



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